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Bikini Fashion

The bikini could be called the most popular female beachwear on the face of the earth. Have you not visualized yourself in the simply superb bikini that attractive girl on the beach was wearing? ...

Laser Hair Removal

The practice of laser hair removal aims at achieving permanent escape from unwanted hair. The laser method of removal of unwanted hair has become quite popular...

Choosing a Bikini

The bikini is considered as the most popular beachwear on the face of the earth, and all the fashion moguls will agree with this fact...

Tiny Micro Bikinis

Tiny micro bikinis come in a variety of shapes and designs and some of them are rather unique indeed! You will find that many of the bikinis have multiple strap designs...

Bikini Waxing

Many changes have taken place with the inception of the bikini, and one of them is waxing. Waxing is a method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root...

Plus Size Bikini

Today, we find that bikinis are not just for the petetite and dainty ladies anymore – you will find the plus size bikini for the plus size woman. Plus size ladies should not feel left out...


Are you afraid of the approaching summer season just because you have to be seen in a bikini – and a bikini is the last thing you would like to be seen in. Do not worry – If you do not like a bikini, you can think of wearing a tankini...

Maternity Swimsuit

Keeping physically fit is the best way of remaining healthy, and swimming is one of the best ways of staying fit especially when you are pregnant...

Bikini Thongs

If you think that a thong is revealing, then just have a look at the micro thong. The micro thong is something out of this world, and the name micro is well suited. There is hardly any fabric on it...

Men's Swimwear

Most of us love the water and would like to spend some time on the beach soaking in the beautiful sun and lazing by the ocean. A wonderful way to spend a holiday, isn’t it? But first, do get yourself some decent swimwear...

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits have a very old history and you will find reference to them since the bye gone days. Bathing suits, also known as swimsuits were used for various reasons...

Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian bikini reveals more skin than any other type of bikini has done before. Brazilian bikini bottoms are so daringly revealing that it is absolutely mandatory for women to have their pubic hair removed...

Leather Bikini

Wouldn’t you like to feel the beautiful and luxurious feel of leather on your bare skin. Before you even throw out the idea of buying a leather bikini, learn about all the finer qualities of leather bikinis...

Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Most of the swimming pools contain quite a high concentration of chlorine, and therefore it is necessary for you to go in for chlorine resistant swimwear...

Muslim Swimwear

Islamic tradition requires that women be completely covered from head to toe, only their hands, feet, and face can be exposed. To overcome this difficulty, a new type of swimwear called Muslim swimwear...


People say that the monokini is the greatest revolution in swimwear after the bikini. The monokini is a well-designed swimwear that very discretely hides your problem areas while it emphasizes and accentuates your curves...

Surf Wear

It is possible that you are new to surfing and do not know much about the right attire and what are the new developments in the world of surfing wear...

Sport Swimwear

If you intend to purchase sports swimwear, you should know the different types of swimwear which are available in the market. You will find the conventional one-piece swimsuits which are still popular...

UV Swimwear

One of the most important things that you should remember when indulging in water sports is prevention of UV radiation by using UV swimwear...

Plus Size Swimwear

There are many ladies who are a bit on the heavier side and need to use plus size swimwear, but there are a few who would rather use wraps and sarongs to cover up their fat and problem areas...

Women's Swimwear

Feminine fashion has increased by leaps and bounds, and this includes women’s swimwear also...

Junior's Swimwear

When you go shopping for girls' swimwear, it is essential to see that your choice should such that the swimwear is modest enough to keep you happy and comfortable, but it should also be stylish and trendy...


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