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Bathing Suits


Bathing suits have a very old history and you will find reference to them since the bye gone days. Bathing suits, also known as swimsuits were used for various reasons. Basically, they were meant to avoid nudity and exposure when going swimming or sun bathing in public.

It is common knowledge that it is illegal to go swimming without a bathing suit in most of the United States. Should you like to go swimming or sun bathing in the buff, there are several special beaches and resorts exclusively reserved for nudists.

You will find that there are various types of bathing suits available for men, women, and children. Recent years have seen the entry of various types of swimming suits in various styles, designs, and made of various materials for both men and women. Bathing suits with different variants have also been introduced in the market. Bathing suits range from suits which are designed to completely cover the body from head to foot to bathing suits which reveal as much as possible leaving almost nothing to anyone’s imagination. Men’s bathing suits include shorts, trunks, board shorts, briefs, thongs, jammers, or cut-off jeans. Women’s bathing suits comprise of one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, thongs, monokinis, string bikinis, and tankinis. Women have the options of wearing a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, though a bikini is more revealing than a swimsuit. The latest addition to women’s bathing suit is the burquini, a modest garment which is designed for Muslim women. It covers the whole body from head to foot barring the face. Special swimsuits have been designed for various kinds of sporting activities.

A swimsuit that is well designed definitely flatters the female form and body, as it defines the curves and does a bit of revealing too. One-piece swimsuits are better suited for heavy-breasted women as these bathing suits give full support to the breasts. If you are extremely self conscious about exposing too much then a better option for you would be the one-piece bathing suit. If you are concerned about your bottom being exposed, choose a skirt bottom which will address your concern. Are you not very comfortable with your bathing suit? Then you had better wear a pair of board shorts over your bathing suit bottom. But, be sure that the waist bands are thick and sufficiently elastic to have a grip on you or it may be washed away.

Keep in mind the following tips when you go shopping for bathing suits.
- You will find bathing suits in a wide range of colors and where you have a choice of choosing plain or floral prints.
- An ideal bathing suit is one that offers good support to the breasts. Look for bathing suits made of spandex or nylon.
- Choose a bathing suit that is free of all unnecessary belts, buckles, and wires.
- Choose a bathing suits that snugly fits your body, but it should not be too tight.
- Check the quality of the bathing suit before buying. Go for a good brand – do not compromise quality for money.

Now that you are aware of all the qualities of good bathing suits, go and get yourself a good one.


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