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Bikini Fashion


The bikini could be called the most popular female beachwear on the face of the earth. Have you not visualized yourself in the simply superb bikini that attractive girl on the beach was wearing? And, why not? You deserve it and your body deserves it too! And, you know that pretty well! Today, the bikini business has become a multi-billion dollar business and is supporting other ancillary services such as bikini waxing and sun-tanning industries.

Have you ever wondered how this wonderful biking came into existence? The bikini has been described as a two-piece swimsuit or beach wear where one part covers the breasts and the other the groin and buttocks. The Webster’s Dictionary describes the bikini as ‘a woman’s scanty two-piece bathing suit’, ‘a man’s brief swimsuit’, or ‘a man’s or a woman’s low-cut briefs’. The bikini was earlier worn in hot weather or while swimming. But, today we find that this is not the norm and it is worn anywhere and everywhere.

The bikini made its first appearance in the year 1947 on the beaches of France and you can well imagine the sensation and shock it must have created in the then conservative society. The bikini that you see today was invented by a French engineer Louis Reard somewhere in the late 1940’s who named it after the Bikini Islands in the Pacific.

Women’s bikinis come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. These bikinis are extremely alluring and some are designed to be microscopically small to titillate the male mind.
Choosing a bikini is such a tricky thing that women are liable to be easily confused and may not be in a position to choose what is right for them. The wide range of designs and variations which the bikini designers put forward is sure to leave the ladies a bit muddled.

There are a number of famous designers such as Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier who are well known for their styles and designs. These bikinis are beautifully designed, and are available in many colors, styles, and patterns. You will also find that women’s bikinis come with a wide range of bottoms, including mini bottoms.
The best thing about these bikinis is that they are economically priced.

Some bikini designers came up with what could be termed as ‘extreme swimwear’ to cover the minimum and essential parts of your body. It is possible that designers came up with this type of swim wear to fight the anti-nudity legislation which was introduced in quite a few countries. It is called the Mini Micro bikini which consists of a narrow thong or G-string-bottomed bathing suit. It has a very narrow strip of material that covers only the genitals. There are other types of bikini such as the Classic bikini, the Sling bikini, and the Microkini. Extreme variations of the bikini are the Monokini and the Pubkini which are rather daring.

Manufacturers of women’s bikinis have become trendier, skimpier, and more daring. If you would like to be enterprising and attract attention, go and get yourself one such bikini and dare to show off as much as you can. Go on, and try one.


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