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Bikini Thongs


Bikini thongs first made their first appearance in the beginning of the 1990s. The thong found its way to the American market, and before long it had dominated the scene. Before long, the bikini thongs were selling like crazy and even young girls of 12 to 16 were buying them. The thong bikini is a unique garment with a strap covering the center of the buttocks with absolutely no coverage on the sides. But, one thing is for sure – some of the thongs are daring enough to take your breath away.

What could be the reason for the extreme popularity of these bikini thongs? The first point is that bikini thongs are completely appropriate for all sorts of swimming or beach activities. The only care you should take is to find out if you are permitted to wear them at the beach where you plan to go.

What is it that makes the men go round in circles or drool when they see women in thongs? Well, ask the men and they will able to tell you the answer. But, you can easily guess the answer, isn’t it? The thong does not fully cover the back, but you will just find a strip which runs down the back. The bikini thong is an excellent option for ladies who would not like panty lines to be seen.

Bikini thongs are available in various styles, and some are extremely provocative enough to reveal everything and leave nothing to imagination. Have a look at the various styles:

• A T-band thong, which forms a T in your buttock area.
• A tanga thong is quite conservative when compared to other Brazilian bikinis.
• A V-string thong has a patch of fabric at the rear and forms a V shape.
• One piece thongs which are quite revealing.
• G-string thong bikinis which are also called as Rios.

Before going in for the bikini thongs do ascertain if the thong will suit you and complement your body. You can choose thongs from various materials, styles, and designs. You will find thongs in various colors and prints. Women with a daring attitude can go in for thongs as it does take a lot of courage to wear them. Some of the thongs have more strings than fabric on them. Many women, including school girls, prefer thongs, but many schools have a regulation against wearing thongs.

If you think that a thong is revealing, then just have a look at the micro thong. The micro thong is something out of this world, and the name micro is well suited. There is hardly any fabric on it. It does not take just courage to wear the micro thongs – it takes guts. The micro thong comes in different variations. The Open Tassle Thong and the Deep Purple Chain thong are variants of the bikini thongs, but both of them are naughty, very naughty indeed!

If you would like to try one of the bikini thongs, head for the nearest store. But, if you are too embarrassed to buy one there, order one online. It is just as simple as that!


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