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Bikini Waxing


Many changes have taken place with the inception of the bikini, and one of them is waxing. Waxing is a method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair does grow back in the area, but only after a period of 3-8 weeks.

Various types of waxing are available, some of which are:
- Arm and underarm waxing
- Leg waxing
- Chest waxing
- Entire body waxing
- Bikini waxing

Why should a woman undergo bikini waxing? Bikini waxing has been defined as the depilation of body hair in and around the pubic area. Waxing was originally done to prevent pubic hair from being seen around the edges of the bikini. Changing lingerie styles necessitated the need for bikini waxing. A woman who has profuse pubic hair is bound to be deeply embarrassed when wearing a bikini. Some couples feel that a hairless pubic area looks and feels much more erotic and sexy. And, some couples opine that pubic hair removal makes oral sex more enjoyable and gives their sex life a boost.

There are many types of bikini waxing and they can mainly be classified into the following types:

American Waxing: This is the basic bikini wax which involves removal of the hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel.
French Waxing: In this method, a vertical strip measuring two to three finger widths in length is left above the vulva and the rest of the hair is waxed off. The method is also referred to as partial Brazilian wax. Hair from the peri-anal area and the labia are also removed and the procedure is termed as Playboy waxing or G-waxing.
Natural Bikini Waxing: In this procedure, all the hair from the legs, the butt, and the bikini area is removed. Your natural bush is left intact.
Brazilian Waxing: This method refers to the removal of all hair from the pubic region leaving just a thin strip of hair on the pubis. This procedure is an extreme form of bikini waxing and involves complete removal of hair around the anus, the buttocks, the perineum, and the vulva.

People opting for this procedure would be well advised about the pain factor, which is quite intense. Though waxing does hurt, a good technician can lessen the pain. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose a technician with a lot of experience. Wax is applied to the hair on the outer area of the vagina and stripped of by the wax strip. Doctors advise you not to get waxing done during pregnancy and menstruation. If you intend to go in for bikini waxing, you will have to make due preparations and be ready for the procedure.

Do you want the freedom to be free from all that unwanted hair, at least for some time? Would you like to enjoy a month or two of silky-smooth skin and doing away with shaving? Do you have the courage to go in for a session of Brazilian waxing? If the answers to all these questions is yes, then go ahead.


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