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Brazilian Bikinis


Should anyone tell you that bikinis are out of style or they are soon going to be out of style, do not believe him, because that is something downright impossible, and it can never happen – not in a thousand years. If anything, bikinis have become even hotter now than ever before. Do you know that when the first bikini was introduced in the United States, it was hardly thought that this bikini would soon become a fashion trend and create waves? The American swimwear designers were of the firm belief that there was no way the bikini would rule the swimwear world, as thery were of the firm opinion that ladies never consider revealing so much of skin. But, what happened was quite the contrary to their thinking, and the bikini soon became very popular and it had become a force to reckon with. It has not stopped at that, and bikinis have gone scantier and skimpier, and given rise to newer and newer fashions. Bikinis have become more and more famous and the bikini trend has increased since the time Brian Hyland penned the song ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ and it became a hit. And, then there is the Brazilian bikini!

In recent times, we have seen that a new style of bikini has emerged and gained more popularity and fame than the regular bikini – the Brazilian bikini. And, the Brazilian micro-bikini goes even a step further – it gives women the complete freedom and independence to sunbathe and tan themselves without the hindrance of a lot of clothes covering your body. You can now do your sunbathing or tan yourself with the least amount of clothes covering your body – provided your local laws have nothing against your exposure.

The Brazilian bikini reveals more skin than any other type of bikini has done before. And the Brazilian bikini bottoms are so daringly revealing that it is absolutely mandatory for women to have their pubic hair removed before they can even dare think of wearing them. The bottoms of the Brazilian bikinis have an absolutely thin sliver of fabric that covers the pelvic region in the front, and there is hardly any fabric to cover anything in the rear.

The Brazilian bikini top does not lag far behind as far as revealing is concerned – it reveals as much as the bottoms do, if not more. Though bikinis are used for swimming, the Brazilian bikini is more useful and convenient used for sunbathing. The bikini tops are as daring as the bikini bottoms – you definitely ought to have nerves of steel to wear them. The triangular fabric of the bikini top that is used to cover the breasts just covers a small area of the breasts; and the halter-top, as the name indicates, is hung around the neck and it halts the breasts from falling out. The bandeau slips over the head and just hangs around the chest area.

As you have seen, the bikini is quite revealing and you can spice it up further by using a sheer or see-thru fabric. Do that, and there would hardly be anything left to the imagination of the person who sees you. To wear a Brazilian bikini, a woman must have the guts to wear it, enough self confidence to bare - which requires a good figure, and a daring sense of adventure. And, of course, the primary thing that a lady ought to have to wear a bikini is curves – and lots of it.

The designs and materials for these bikinis are extremely famous for their high quality and excellent material that is used. Most of the Brazilian bikini tops and bottoms are double-lined which ensures comfort while swimming or indulging in any type of beach sport.

Well, are you game for the Brazilian bikini?



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