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People say that the Monokini is the greatest revolution in swimwear after the bikini. The monokini is a well-designed swimwear that very discretely hides your problem areas while it emphasizes and accentuates your assets and curves.

The monokini made its first appearance in the 1980s and soon became a rage. Today, it is an essential item of any lady’s wardrobe and every lady would just love to have it. It is more of a fashion wear than a swimsuit, and you find that ladies are wearing them more for parties, gatherings or causal affairs than using them as swimwear. It is an essential part of your wardrobe when going out on vacations or holidays. The monokini is a unique garment that fits into both outdoor and indoor venues very easily. It has the very special property of blending into any sort of gatherings.

The monokini comes in the same class as the bikini, but with a difference – while the bikini is a two-piece swimsuit, the monokini is a one-piece swimsuit. It is quite different from the other one-piece swimsuits as it has more style and class; it’s beautiful and stunning looks captivates the onlooker. You can call the monokini as the ultimate in swimwear – it conceals what should be concealed and reveals what should be revealed

The monokini is the swimwear for you if you have that figure which makes the men’s jaws to drop open. The monokini, as a swimsuit, has become extremely popular. They have different designs and styles, but most of them offer front coverage which is normally found with one piece bikinis. Since their invention monokinis have become so popular that they have become trendier – and sexier. They come in a range of colors, patterns, styles, and prints and all of them look extremely fetching.

You would be surprised to know the main idea behind the invention of the monokini. Well, they say that it was to reveal the bare breasts - and both men and women wore this. The monokini is a revised version of the bikini, with some changes. Some of the monokinis have a thong bottom and deep plunging necks that reach till your belly button! Now, that is real, real, sexy. But, be very careful how you use it as it is not to be used for any type of athletic activities.

You will have to get used to the monokini, but do try it on before you buy one to be sure that is what you want. It is designed for ladies who have the right figure, and if you don’t have one it could be loose in some areas and not fit you properly. It is a swimwear that fits snugly and it should not be loose – neither at the top or at the bottom.

If you are really intent on a monokini, be ready to spend good money as the prices may range anywhere from $ 50 upwards. Monokini swimwear is available in these designer styles – halter, v-neck, triangle, and ring top and bottom. The striking appearance of the monokini is that it looks exactly like a bikini from the back, but if you look at it from the front you will see that the two pieces are connected.

Go and get that monokini which you had always wanted to buy, but were afraid to do so.


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