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Muslim Swimwear


Islamic tradition requires that women be completely covered from head to toe, and only their hands, feet, and face can be exposed. Therefore, women who would like to go swimming find it difficult to have their desire fulfilled. To overcome this difficulty, a new type of swimwear called Muslim swimwear has been designed that is comfortable and stylish and yet follows the Islamic traditions.

A designer named Oliver Momeni took it upon himself and devised a special swimwear for Muslim women which he termed as Bodykini. This swimwear which is made as per the Muslim tradition is comfortable and stylish. It was found that normal swimwear clings to the body when the women come out of the pool, but the bodykini dries very fast, and hence the problem of clinging does not arise. The bodykini is a two piece swimsuit which is made up of a shirt with an attached headpiece and a separate pant. The Muslim swimwear covers the entire body while the exposed parts are only the face, hands, and feet.

Modern Muslim women are active and they like to participate in all types of sports, but their activities are curtailed by the lack of special sports clothing. This short coming has been taken care of by the bodykini which is modern, stylish, and comfortable but adheres to the Islamic principles of decency.

The bodykini Muslim swimsuit is intended to improve the lifestyle of the Muslim women while it respects Islamic values and principles. Muslim women can participate in all types of sports activities without any reservations and still uphold the Koranic principle of modesty by exposing only the head, hands and feet. Moreover, the bodykini protects the wearer from exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, and they are chlorine resistant. It is absolutely comfortable and very useful for Muslim women who would like to undertake swimming or other water sports in public areas. The Muslim swimwear provides complete comfort while allowing maximum body movement.

There has been a revolution in women’s swimwear which has given rise to the burquini which is also known as burkini. The burkini has been made by combining the bikini and the burqah. This swimsuit covers the entire body excepting the head, feet, and hands as per the requirements of the Islamic tradition. It is the perfect Islamic solution for Muslim women who would not like to wear revealing swimwear.

A higher version full-body of the swimwear has come into the market recently. It is very stylish with a miniskirt that goes over long pants. The material for the swimwear used is polyester, nylon, and lycra. The material is thin enough to allow easy flexible movements and does not cling to the wearer’s body when she comes out of the water. This Muslim swimwear which is now being made in a few Muslim countries is very light and thin and does not absorb any water.

The swimwear is available in most of the stores as well as through online stores via the internet. But, you should keep in mind a few things before you do your purchase.

• Be absolutely sure of the quality. Ensure that the swimwear is resistant to chlorine and ultra-violet rays.
• Be sure of the size that you buy. Try it out for size before you make the purchase.
• Do take the time and make efforts to compare prices in a few stores. If you are doing online shopping, compare on a few sites.

Do follow the above tips and you can be sure that you will choose the right Muslim swimwear.


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