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Are you afraid of the approaching summer season just because you have to be seen in a bikini – and a bikini is the last thing you would like to be seen in. Do not worry – If you do not like a bikini, you can think of wearing a tankini which has many benefits over the two-piece swim suit. Are you wondering what this tankini is? Well, it is something akin to the bikini and you will find it in the same category of the bikini, but with some variation.

The tankini, which made its appearance in the late 1990s, is a swimsuit that combines a tank top, usually made of spandex and cotton or lycra and nylon, and a bikini bottom. It is a combination of the one-piece and two-piece swimsuits with all the convenience and comfort of the two-piece swimsuit. One of the remarkable things about the tankini is that they look absolutely great on a woman of any age. Many people consider the tankini sexier despite the fact that you do not expose as much as you would in a bikini.

The tankini has been described as an amphibious sportswear for both sand and sea activities and lets users go rafting, swimming, or play volley without the constant nagging worry about losing their top. The tankinis come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes which also includes such features as integrated push-up bras. and underwire bra support. The underwire support helps ladies to undertake sports and other activities of their choice confidently. There is some absolutely wonderful news for the plus size ladies – plus size tankini swimwear has slimming properties. Now, isn’t that fantastic?

As compared to the bikini, the tankini is quite new to the market. It is a cross between the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit. It has more style options than the bikini and it can definitely be said that you will look absolutely great in it. The tankini is flattering to any sort of figure that you may have. It reveals a little and conceals the rest.. They are immensely liked by pregnant women also as they are extremely comfortable.

The tankini has been quite successful, which has prompted many designers to come out with many new variations, such as the Camkini and the Bandeaukini. The Camkini comes with a camisole top instead of the tank top. The Bandeaukini, also known as the Bandini, has a tube-like top. Another new introduction is the Skirtini which features a bikini top and a small skirt-like bottom. Tankini-type wedding dresses for brides are also a new feature which has come into the market. Yet another new introduction is the halter-tankini which some women consider is sexier than the bikini.

The reason why the tankini has been exceptionally successful is the fact that it is liked by a large number of women for one singular reason – they are comfortable for women who like showing off a bit of skin, though not everything. Another reason is that the tankini hides your torso and gives the appearance of a smaller torso. The tankini also provides you with a mix and match facility – you can wear one top and a different bottom – they need not be matching – all the more freedom to you.

Everyone is getting a tankini – when are you buying one?


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