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Women's Swimwear


Physical fitness is very vital for healthy living. Swimming, they say, is a great exercise and it has been proved that if you regularly exercise yourself you are not bound to get out of shape. And, you need a good swimwear if intend taking up swimming. Feminine fashion has increased by leaps and bounds, and this includes women’s swimwear also.

There are many varieties of swimwear available in the market for different types of people with different sizes and tastes. Women’s swimwear is made of lycra and spandex, while some of the varieties are made of nylon and polyester.

The following types of women’s swimwear will give you a fair idea of the different types of swimwear that are available in the market.

• Thong bikinis
• Cut bikinis
• Full cut bikinis
Micro bikinis
• G-strings
• Tonga bikinis
Bathing suits

Bathing suits are the one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Some ladies who wouldn’t like to have more coverage for their bodies can go in for the one-piece suit. It is also known as a tank suit. The monokini is a one-piece swimsuit for the daring woman - some of the monokini styles are quite revealing. The skirted is a one-piece swimsuit with a skirt that provides more coverage for the legs. It is suitable for women who would like to cover their thighs, and also for new moms who would not like to show their stretch marks. The keyhole is also a one-piece swimsuit with a cut out in the front. The slingshot is something of a cross between a one-piece and two-piece swimsuit. It is best suited for the daring woman who would like to show off her body.

There are a number of styles in the two-piece swimsuits.

The triangle top bikini is best suited for the woman who would like to show off her curves. The halter top bikini is suitable is for large-busted women who need a bit of support. The Bandeaukini is a strapless type of bikini and is extremely well suited for the woman who has a lot of curves to display. The tankini has a tank top with bikini bottoms which are suitable for women who would like to conceal their bellies.

The hipster bikini has a low waist line –it is worn at the waist – and hence the name hipster and it is for the bold lady who is bold enough to show off her low rise bottoms and a flat stomach. The thong bikini has only a strip of fabric in the rear and is excellently suited for the daring woman who doesn’t mind showing off her body and who has no tan lines. The string bikini is ideal for women with a slender figure.

Designers have realized that there is an immense potential and a large market for women’s swimwear. Designers are coming up with newer and newer designs that is bound to catch the market.

Remember these points while purchasing swimwear:

- Buy from a standard or reputed store.
- Always buy swimwear that is reputed and of good quality.
- Buy swimwear that is chlorine-resistant and UV resistant.

Keep the above points in mind while purchasing women’s swimwear and you can be assured of your money’s worth.


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